26th Swadeshi Science Congress

Swadeshi Science Movement- Kerala, is a popular science movement dedicated for the overall development of our country through the intervention of science and technology. It has been functioning in the state of Kerala since 1989, focusing on science popularization for social development. Swadeshi Science Movement aims at fostering multidisciplinary approach to local problems and promotion of India’s Scientific Heritage. It has been bestowed with two prestigious National Awards by Government of India viz. National Award for Outstanding efforts in Science and Technology Communication (2006- 07) by Ministry of Science and Technology, and Jawaharlal Nehru Prize (2005-06) for science popularization by Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Swadeshi Science Movement (SSM) has been organizing the Swadeshi Science Congress (SSC) every year, since its inception in 1991, to motivate researchers and to preserve our traditional wisdom in diversified fields. Swadeshi Science Congress is a platform for scientists, technocrats, research scholars, professionals, students and enthusiastic science communicators to present, discuss and disseminate their scientific knowledge. It is a congregation for exchanging their ideas and to work for the development of society through the intervention of Science, Engineering and Technology. The Congress encourages presentations in Malayalam also.

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