Swasraya Bharat – 2016

Bharath, from time immemorial, is one of the richest countries in the legacy of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. India’s contribution to the development of Science and Technology is highly significant and recognized worldwide. KRINVANTHO VISWAMARIYAM – As embodied in these ancient ever relevant words of wisdom, werealize that, to fulfill our global responsibilities, it is inevitable for India to achieve prosperity in all areas of Thought and Action. We also understand fully that only through the path of Self Reliance, built upon indigenous values and individual talent, can India achieve sustainable progress in the competitive modern world. Today, India is a country with tremendous vitality. India is positioned and fast heading to be the World’s Premier Nation. It is a paradise in many ways - rich in Natural Resources; possess a thriving Industry; and a large pool of Technical Man Power, supported by Potential Scientific and Academic itutions. On the other side, a large mass of India are still illiterate, poor and suffering in terms of human development indices. Hence, it becomes imperative to synergise the technosupremacy for the Integrated Development of our Country. With these objectives in view, SWADESHI SCIENCE MOVEMENT (a unit of VIJNANA BHARATI, the largest science movement working for the total development of the Society), has designed the concept, ‘SWASRAYA BHARATH’.

SwasrayaBharath, which reflects “Self-Reliant India” is envisaged by Swadeshi Science Movement, Kerala. The prime objective of the programme is to showcase the progress of Bharath in the fields of science and technology. This mega event is to provide greater exposure to the developments in contemporary science and technology to the students, teachers, youth, scientists, technocrats, academicians and the public at large. So that they feel pride for the Nation and can be part of a National Renaissance. SSM Kerala has been conducting SWASRAYA BHARATH since 2005 and all major Organisations of our Country have participated in the previous chapters of this National Event.

This year’s SwasrayaBharath will be conducted at Calicut (Kozhikode), the queen of Malabar. Though it being one of the most prominent places in Kerala, opportunities are limited forscience and technology exposure in the city.